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Java Thread Programming Java Thread Programming
Check out the most comprehensive book ever written covering multithreaded programming in Java, written by our very own Paul Hyde. [more...]

ProgramixTM contractors assist Information Technology organizations in the software analysis and design, development, and coding of applications. Programix specializes in maximizing the incredible benefits of Java technologies for Internet, extranet, and intranet client/server and n-tier applications. Our staff has experience with J2SE and J2EE technologies including: Swing, Servlets, JSP, EJB, Java Web Start, and much more. We do consulting, programming, and mentoring for Java-centric projects either onsite in the Minneapols/St. Paul, MN metro area, or remotely via the Internet. We also do small to medium bid-based projects. All of our consultants come onsite with a laptop ready to jump in on the first day!

Programix also offers an comprehensive series of training classes in the Minneapolis area for those new to Java. We offer classes to the public through metro area schools or alternatively, can come to your site to teach a group of people.

We also have a product called JThreadKit® which is a collection of thread utilities for Java that facilitates multithreaded application development.

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