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Interface DecoratorDA

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public interface DecoratorDA
extends GenericDA

Method Summary
 void setDecoree(GenericDA decoree)
          Specifies the decoree that is to be decorated by this decorator.
Methods inherited from interface com.programix.da2.GenericDA
init, shutdown

Method Detail


void setDecoree(GenericDA decoree)
                throws DAException
Specifies the decoree that is to be decorated by this decorator. This method will be called after the inherited method init(ValueMap config) is called.

There's no guarantee about the exact type passed in other than it is at the very least an implementation of GenericDA. If you expect something more specific, then check inside your implementation for this type and throw a DAException if the type is not correct.

decoree - the GenericDA to be decorated, or wrapped by this decorator.
DAException - if there are problems setting this source on this instance (perhaps it is incompatible).

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