ProgramixGenericLib v5.0.1

Package com.programix.da2

Framework for using the "DataAccess Interface Design Pattern".


Interface Summary
DASource A source of GenericDA implementations for either the entire VM or for an individual user.
GenericDA Used to implementation the very useful "Data Access Layer" abstraction.

Class Summary
AggregateDASource Used to combine multiple DASource's into one aggregate DASource.
ConfigDASource This DASource is used to hold one of more configuration ValueMap's and creates DA implementations on demand from those configurations using DAFactory internally.
DAExchange Used to exchange GenericDA's among friends.
DAFactory Used to construct and initialize instances of data access implementations using reflection.
DASourceAdapter Used to adapt a single GenericDA into being available as a DASource.
DAStore An implementation of DASource that caches the GenericDA implementations that it retrieves from the underlying DASource that is passed during construction.
DATools Contains various tools helpful in the work of the "data access layer".

Package com.programix.da2 Description

Framework for using the "DataAccess Interface Design Pattern". Start with GenericDA and DAFactory.

ProgramixGenericLib v5.0.1

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