ProgramixGenericLib v5.0.1

Package com.programix.saxplus

SAXPlus tools to simplify SAX-based XML parsing.


Interface Summary
Attribute Attribute encapsulates the name and value information for a single attribute of an XML element.
AttributeGroup The group of attributes found in the starting tag for an element.
NameDetail Stores all of the detail about the name of a element or the name of an attribute.
TagHandler All information about the parsing of the XML document is passed to TagHandler's by the SAXPlusProcessor.

Class Summary
BaseTagHandler Implements all methods of TagHandler and can serve as a class to extend for your TagHandler's.
ConsoleErrorHandler A plain ErrorHandler for use with SAXPlus (and just SAX) during XML parsing.
SAXPlusProcessor Central piece of SAXPlus parsing.
SimpleTagHandler Used to gather a single value from a tag--a very common case.

Package com.programix.saxplus Description

SAXPlus tools to simplify SAX-based XML parsing. Start by looking at SAXPlusProcessor, TagHandler, NameDetail, and AttributeGroup.

ProgramixGenericLib v5.0.1

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